About us

Profile of the Organization

Sayapatri Society is a registered Non-governmental Organization established and registered in DAO, Kaski in October 11, 2012. This organization has been affiliated with Social Welfare Council as well and registered on 2069-07-17 (2012-11-02). It has been performing well and has been updated with all requirements regarding administrative and taxation procedures.

  • Date of Establishment: October 11, 2012
  • Registration No.2930 (DAO, Kaski)
  • SWC Affiliation No.36093
  • PAN Number: 305589769
  • Organization Renewed: August 1, 2018 (2075-04-27) till July 16, 2019 (2075-03-31)

This organization, from the time of its establishment, worked extensively on the issues of Higher education policies. Later on, the activities gradually extended further covering the issues of administrative, social consciousness and accountability mostly at the local level. During the first and second elections of Constitutional Assembly, the organization conducted various programmes from awareness generating among the people to the right choice of the candidates for people’s representation to carry their voice to the constitutional assembly. The campaign to make CA members accountable was also noteworthy to create pressure in making them execute their own commitments expressed in their respective manifestos and have assurance to bring the constitution on time through Constitutional Assembly but also made the voters their queries resolved by the elected members. Likewise, the organization performed different activities on local, provincial and federal level elections through voters’ education, election monitoring and supervision campaigns from pre to post-election process.

Vision, Mission and Objectives


Sayapatri Society’s vision is to be the leading provincial think tank in policy advocacy and research and be the advisory body for the contemporary socio-political issues.


Facilitate the state, NGOs and concerned institutions through dialogues, interactions and advocacy.


  1. This organization is a non-profitable, philanthropic institution and plays an important role in policy advocacy mostly at the provincial level assisting the state in policy formulation, amendment in existing national policies and oversee  good governance.
  2. The organization will attempt to establish as a research based organization.
  3. The organization provides necessary consultative services to the national and international governmental and non-governmental organizations.
  4. The organization conducts various programs on contemporary socio-political issues.
  5. The organization conducts research projects on its own and in collaboration with other organizations and hire experts in the concerned areas of research and advocacy as education, human rights and democracy.
  6. The organization addresses the multi-cultural, multi-dimensional, identity and women empowerment issues through different programs and activities.

Strengths of the Organization

The major features of the organization are:

  1. The organization has a good networking and relationship with the members of civil societies and different organizations within Gandaki Province and beyond.
  2. The organization, despite its neutrality towards politics, has a good relationship with the active political parties in the province.
  3. The organization bears a good organizational identity and capability.
  4. The organization has demonstrated strength of dialogues/discourses on local and federal level in collaboration with the civil societies.